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Bactrim  Another names : SeptraCo-trimoxazoleCotrim 
Bactroban  Another names : Mupirocin 
BECLATE  Another names : BecloventBecotideQVARVanceril 
Beconase  Another names : VancenaseBeclomethasone 
BENACE  Another names : BenazeprilLotensin 
BENCID  Another names : ProbenecidBenemidProbalan 
BENZAC AC  Another names : BenoxylFostexOxy 5PanOxyl 
Benzim  Another names : PrilosecOmeprazole 
BETAGAN  Another names : AKBetaLevobunolol 
BETAGLIM  Another names : AmarylGlimepiride 
Betaloc CR  Another names : Lopressor CRMetroprolol tartrate 
BETNESOL  Another names : BetamethasoneCelestone 
BETNOVATE  Another names : Beta - ValBetamethasone ValerateBetatrexLuxiq FoamValisone TopicalValnac Topical 
BIDURET  Another names : Co-AmilozideAmilorideHydroclorothiazideMidamor 
Blotim  Another names : TimopticTimodolBetimol 
BONMAX  Another names : EvistaRaloxifene 
Bromocriptine  Another names : Parlodel 
BUDECORT INHALER  Another names : BudezBudesonidePulmicort 
BUDENASE AQ  Another names : BudesonideRhinocort 
BUDEZ INHALER  Another names : BudesonidePulmicort 
Bumex  Another names : BumetanideBurinex K 
Buprenorphine  Another names : Temgesic 
BUPRON SR 150  Another names : BupropionZybanWellbrutin SR 
Buspar  Another names : Buspirone 
BUSPIN  Another names : BusparBuspironeTamspar 

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