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IBUGESIC  Another names : AdvilGenprilIbuprofenMenadolNuprin 
Ibuprofen  Another names : Advil 
Imdur  Another names : DurideIsosorbide mononitrateIsmoIsotrate ERMonoket 
IMDUR  Another names : VasotrateImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
Imigran  Another names : Imitrex 
Imitrex  Another names : Sumatriptan 
Imodium  Another names : Loperamide 
IMODIUM  Another names : LoperamidePepto Diarrhea 
Imovane  Another names : Zopiclone 
INDERAL  Another names : Propranolol 
Indocin  Another names : Indomethacin 
INDOFLAM  Another names : ArtisidIndocinIndomethacin 
INTAGRA  Another names : CoverataSildenafil CitrateGeneric Viagra 
Intal  Another names : Cromolyn Sodium Oral 
IPRAVENT  Another names : AtroventIpratopIpratropium Bromide 
IROVEL  Another names : AvaproIrbesartan 
ISMO  Another names : ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
ISMO 20  Another names : ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
Isotane  Another names : RoaccutaneAccutaneIsotretinoin 

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