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OBESTAT  Another names : SibutramineMeridia 
OCUVIR  Another names : AcyclovirZovirax 
OGLO  Another names : ActosPioglitazone 
OKABAX MD  Another names : Generic VioxxRofecoxib 
OKACET  Another names : CetirizineZyrtec 
OKAMET  Another names : MetaforminGlucophageGlucophage XR 
Okasa Salt  Another names : Depo-TestosteronePropianate 
OLAMIN  Another names : CiclopiroxLoprox 
OLIZA  Another names : OlanzapineZyprexa 
OMECIP  Another names : LosecOmeprazolePrilosec 
ONE-ALPHA  Another names : AlfacalcidolAlfaD 
Opticrom Eyedrops  Another names : Crolom 
Oratane  Another names : RoaccutaneAccutaneIsotretinoin 
ORIPHEX  Another names : CephalexinBiocefKeflexKeftab 
Oruvic  Another names : KetoprofenOruvail 
Ospamox  Another names : AmoxycillinAmoxicillin 
OSRAL  Another names : EvistaRaloxifene 
OSTEOFOS  Another names : FosamaxAlendronate Sodium 
OTRIVIN  Another names : Natru-VentOtrivinXylometazoline 
OVRAL-L  Another names : OvranetteLevlenLevoraNordette 
Oxa Forte 
OXCARB  Another names : OxcarbazepineTrileptal 
Oxsoralen  Another names : methoxsalen 
OXYSPAS  Another names : OxybutyninDitropan 

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